Crime Boss Sonny Franzese’s Daughter: Lorraine Franzese

Lorraine Franzese attained fame by virtue of her association with her illustrious progenitor, Sonny Franzese, an American mobster of yore, who served as a former member and underboss within the esteemed ranks of the Colombo crime family. Among the brood of this formidable mobster, she was but one of the eight offspring, including John Franzese Jr. and Michael, both of whom were deeply enmeshed within the Colombo crime family.

In her private affairs, Lorraine Franzese finds herself married and a matriarch to children and grandchildren. Notwithstanding, she remains adept at shrouding the particulars of her marital and familial relationships from the discerning public eye. Following her father’s liberation from incarceration in 2017, her elation was palpable, as she reveled in witnessing his newfound happiness and unrestrained freedom beyond the confines of imprisonment.

Regrettably, scant information graces the public domain concerning Lorraine Franzese, leaving one to ponder her present pursuits. Conceivably, she luxuriates within the confines of her domicile, cherishing precious moments with her beloved kin.

In a chronicle steeped in criminality, Lorraine’s father initiated his foray into unlawful activities during the late 1930s under the auspices of Joseph Profaci, the erstwhile chieftain of the Profaci crime family, subsequently rechristened the Colombo crime family. Incarcerated on multiple occasions for his misdeeds, he deftly navigated the treacherous waters of the legal system, returning resolutely to his illicit pursuits.

Drafted into the U.S. Army during the Second World War, Sonny’s military service was short-lived due to his discharge on account of a mental disorder. With unwavering commitment, he rose through the ranks of the Colombo crime family, eventually ascending to the position of a captain in the 1950s. His criminal endeavors spanned fraud, loansharking, and racketeering, while he maintained a front through a dry-cleaning establishment nestled in the borough of Brooklyn. Sonny also ventured into ill-gotten gains by extorting money from recording labels, some of which he forced into closure.

The relentless cycle of Sonny Franzese’s incarcerations took a toll on his familial bonds, as his wife grappled with perpetual heartache, and his children found little opportunity to foster an enduring relationship with their absentee father. For Lorraine, the desire to share cherished moments with her father remained an elusive aspiration amidst the upheaval caused by his frequent absences.

The vicissitudes of crime within the Colombo crime family took an unexpected turn when Lorraine’s brother, John Franzese Jr., found himself confronted by the FBI, beckoning him to don the mantle of their informant. Desiring a transformative life path bereft of criminality, he embraced the Bureau’s proposition, sealing his own fate and sending shockwaves through the family. In a futile attempt on John’s life, Sonny sought retribution against his own flesh and blood, but police protection shielded the informant from harm. Relying on the evidence and testimony provided by Lorraine’s brother, the legal system imposed an eight-year sentence on their father in 2011.

Michael Franzese, another sibling in Lorraine’s orbit, found himself at odds with John, perceiving him as an untruthful witness against their father, and as a result, their relationship soured for an extended duration. Nevertheless, despite their strained ties, John Franzese Jr. managed to forge a poignant reunion with his father, seeking forgiveness prior to his passing.

On the 24th of February, 2020, Lorraine Franzese’s father succumbed to the ravages of time, drawing his final breath at the venerable age of 103, having spent his twilight years in the confines of a nursing home. His mortal remains found their resting place at St. John Cemetery, ensconced in the borough of Queens, within the metropolis of New York City.

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