Jen Psaki’s Father, James R. Psaki

James R. Psaki, the patriarch of the Psaki family, is renowned as the father of Jen Psaki, the former White House press secretary and distinguished American political analyst. James, in his late 70s, is esteemed for his extensive life experiences.

In matters of the heart, James Psaki crossed paths with Eileen in the year 1976, and their subsequent courtship blossomed into a profound love. This union bore fruit, as they were blessed with three daughters of extraordinary beauty and grace: Stephanie Psaki, Kristen Psaki, and the illustrious Jen Psaki.

Though James and Eileen are no longer together, having parted ways some time ago, he cherishes the invaluable contributions his former spouse brought to his life and credits her for much of his success. Following their separation, James tied the knot with the enchanting Josiane J. Colazzo, a fervent lover of politics, perhaps due to their daughter’s involvement in the political sphere.

On the educational front, James R. Psaki boasts an exceptional academic background. After completing his secondary education, he pursued higher learning at the esteemed University of Texas, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business and finance. Additionally, he acquired an esteemed M.B.A. from St. John’s University.

In the realm of career, James served with distinction as the Chief Operating Officer and Executive President at the prestigious Karlton Company, deftly managing and developing commercial properties within the real estate sector.

Jen Psaki, his accomplished daughter, embarked on her political journey in 2001, actively engaging in the campaigns of Governor Tom Vilsack and Senator Tom Harkin. Throughout her career, she held notable positions, including deputy press secretary for John Kerry’s presidential campaign in 2004, followed by the role of travelling press secretary for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaigns. Subsequently, she earned a place within the hallowed halls of the White House, serving as deputy press secretary and later ascending to deputy communications director during the Obama administration. Her proficiency extended to the realm of media, where she graced CNN with her insights for three years before resuming her role within the White House as press secretary during the Biden administration. Presently, she shines as a political analyst on MSNBC.

Within the tapestry of Jen’s personal life, she found love in the esteemed company of Greg Mecher, whom she met during her tenure at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in 2006. Greg’s prominence lies in his role as chief of staff for both Steve Driehaus and Congressman Joe Kennedy. Together, Jen and Greg have been blessed with two offspring, thus granting James R. Psaki the esteemed title of grandfather.

In matters of wealth, while James worked diligently at J.S. Karlton Company, he earned a substantial annual sum of one hundred thousand dollars, along with returns from his vested interests in the company. His diligent efforts ensured a considerable fortune, worthy of admiration.

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