Laura Kathleen Howe

Laura Kathleen Howe is renowned for being the esteemed progeny of the distinguished American investigative journalist and filmmaker, Linda Moulton Howe. Though her mother has garnered fame as an accomplished author, television, and radio reporter, today, we shall focus solely on Laura Kathleen Howe’s life.

Personal Life

Laura Kathleen Howe, an American celebrity daughter, has deliberately kept her personal life veiled from the public eye, resulting in scarce information about her birth details. Little is known about her birth, except that she is the daughter of esteemed American parents, Linda Moulton Howe and Larry W. Howe. Considering her mother’s current age of 80, we can infer that Laura Kathleen Howe must be above the age of 50.

Love Life

In harmony with her mother’s approach, Laura Kathleen Howe exhibits little interest in publicizing her personal affairs, and thus, has chosen not to disclose any aspect of her love life.

Parents and Siblings

Laura Kathleen Howe stands as the sole offspring of the esteemed union between Linda Moulton Howe and Larry W. Howe. Their marriage took place in 1968 and continued until 1986 when they amicably parted ways. Their union gifted them with one child, Laura Kathleen Howe. While her mother is renowned for her roles as an investigative journalist, author, and television & radio reporter, information regarding her father’s profession remains undisclosed.


Though information about Laura Kathleen Howe’s personal life remains scarce, it is presumed that she may have embarked on the journey of marriage and motherhood, given her approximate age of 50.

Education and Profession

With a mother of such illustrious stature in the field of journalism, it is reasonable to assume that Laura Kathleen Howe received an exceptional education. However, specific details regarding her educational background remain elusive, as both Laura Kathleen Howe and her parents have chosen to maintain a private stance on this matter. As for her profession, while it is evident that she is engaged in a lucrative career, she remains discreet about sharing further information with the public.

Reason for Popularity

Laura Kathleen Howe’s popularity primarily emanates from her distinguished mother, Linda Moulton Howe, who has earned widespread fame due to her remarkable professional achievements.

Net Worth

While concrete details about Laura Kathleen Howe’s profession and net worth remain unknown to the public, it is evident that she has enjoyed a privileged life, bestowed upon her by her accomplished mother.


Laura Kathleen Howe admirably maintains a private and reserved life. In an era where even the minutest information about celebrity children becomes a media spectacle, she has successfully safeguarded her privacy from the allure of glamour.

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