Jason Charles Greenfield

Who is Jason Charles Greenfield?

Jason Charles Greenfield is the progeny of the esteemed artist Ronnie Spector and the esteemed manager Jonathan Greenfield.

His mother, Ronnie Spector, was a celebrated American vocalist, renowned for her leadership in The Ronettes.

Regrettably, there exists an enigmatic aura around Jason Charles Greenfield, as no precise details concerning his birth date and place are publicly known. To this day, Jason diligently preserves the sanctity of his private life.

Conversely, Jason’s mother, Ronnie Spector, remains a highly celebrated figure in the realm of music.

Who is Jason Charles Greenfield’s Mother?

Jason Charles Greenfield’s mother is Veronica Yvette Greenfield, widely recognized as Ronnie Spector, an American songstress and the illustrious frontwoman of The Ronettes.

Ronnie was colloquially hailed as the “rebel of rock and roll.”

Born on August 10, 1943, in East Harlem, New York City, Ronnie’s formative years were spent in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan.

Together with her cousin and elder sister, she co-founded the Darling Sisters singing group during the late 1950s, eventually adopting the moniker “The Ronettes.”

In 1963, the group was signed by Philles Label, under the aegis of Phil Spector, who produced the majority of their iconic recordings.

Some of the group’s renowned hits encompass “Walking in the Rain,” “Do I Love You,” “The Best Part of Breaking Up,” “Baby I Love You,” and “Be My Baby.”

In 1968, Ronnie entered matrimony with Phil Spector, thus adopting the name Ronnie Spector. Nevertheless, their union proved ephemeral, culminating in divorce in 1974.

Subsequently, Ronnie resurrected The Ronettes and continued to grace audiences with her captivating performances.

Who is Jason Charles Greenfield’s Father?

Jason Charles Greenfield’s father is Jonathan Greenfield, who assumed the role of Ronnie’s esteemed manager. Yet, scant details regarding his background are available to the public.

Reportedly born in the United States, Jonathan presently stands in his mid-80s.

Regrettably, information pertaining to Jonathan’s exact birth date and place remains undisclosed.

However, it is ascertained that in 1982, Jonathan exchanged vows with Ronnie, and the couple were blessed with two sons, namely Jonathan Greenfield and Austin Drew Greenfield.

Who are Jason Charles Greenfield’s Siblings?

Jason’s mother had five children from her prior unions.

During her marriage to Phil Spector, Ronnie gave birth to three children named Donte Phillip Spector, Gary Phillip Spector, and Louise Phillip Spector. Unfortunately, their birth dates are shrouded in mystery, but it is known that all of them have exceeded 50 years of age.

Donte is the sole biological child of Ronnie and Phil, whereas Gary and Louise Spector are twins whom the couple adopted.

Tragically, the twins disclosed instances of abuse by their adoptive father. Donte, too, recounted a tumultuous relationship with his father, oscillating between love and animosity.

Owing to Phil’s abusive demeanor, Ronnie endured a trying six years of marriage before ultimately divorcing him in 1974. Ronnie described her time with Phil as akin to imprisonment, and the divorce was finalized that year.

In 1982, Ronnie entered matrimony with Jonathan Greenfield, and the couple welcomed two sons into their family, namely Jason and Austin. Their home was established in Danbury, Connecticut.

On January 12, 2022, Ronnie passed away at her residence, surrounded by her loved ones, following a valiant battle with cancer.

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