Imani Shekinah Knox Net Worth 2023

Every celebrity or artist has their own way of expressing themselves, and for Imani Shekinah Knox, she chooses to keep her personal life private as a way of protecting herself. While there is still much to learn about Imani, let’s delve into her biography, her parents’ names and careers, relationship history, career, and net worth.


Imani Knox was born on August 31, 2001, in the United States. She is a 20-year-old woman with American nationality and belongs to various ethnicities. As a Virgo, she stands at around 5 feet and 5 inches tall, with a weight of approximately 55kg. Imani has blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

Previously, Imani’s Instagram fans were thrilled by her dazzling posts, where she shared her stunning modeling shots showcasing her body measurements of 34-28-30 inches. Her followers greatly appreciated her posts. However, it has been reported that Imani has taken down her Instagram account, distancing herself from social media, which is a departure from the trend followed by many individuals her age.

Imani’s parents:

Imani Knox’s parents are Flex Alexander and Shanice Wilson. Her father, Flex, is a well-known American actor, comedian, and dancer. In his teenage years, he began dancing in the nightclubs of New York and gained his nickname “Flex” due to his flexibility and acrobatic dance skills. Flex is also a member of the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity.

Shanice Wilson, Imani’s mother, is an American singer-songwriter, actress, and dancer. In 1991, she achieved Billboard hit singles with “I Love Your Smile” and “Silent Prayer.” She also released “Saving Forever With You” in 1993. Shanice is renowned for her coloratura soprano voice and her ability to sing in the whistle register.

Flex Alexander and Shanice Wilson married on February 19, 2000, and in 2001, they welcomed Imani Knox into the world. Imani also has siblings, with her youngest brother being Elijah Alexander Knox.

Imani’s relationship history:

Imani is known for keeping her personal life away from the limelight, and as of now, she is believed to be single and not dating anyone. While she has built close friendships and relationships, she has chosen to maintain a strong sense of religious faith and focus on her interests, such as travel, current trends, musical styles, and talented performers. While her previous Instagram account showcased her interest in fashion, modeling, and different makeup styles and techniques, she has not revealed any details about her dating life.

Imani’s career:

Imani is highly focused on her career, and she prioritizes her privacy, keeping her educational background, qualifications, and the educational institutions she attended unknown to the public. There have been various speculations about her educational achievements, with some sources mentioning that she may have graduated from high school and college, while others suggest that she might have chosen to discontinue her studies.

Imani’s total net worth:

As of 2022, Imani’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million, making her one of the youngest millionaires in existence.

It’s important to note that while the information provided sheds light on Imani’s life, it is based on available sources and may not encompass her complete story. Imani’s commitment to maintaining her privacy limits the amount of information that is publicly known about her.

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